Monday, June 27, 2011

Pirate Radio!

"I'll level with you, Roy. I don't think I'd flourish in a prison environment." --Maurice Moss, The IT Crowd.

Pirate Radio!! The single most awesome non-instrumental movie soundtrack I have EVER heard!! I feel there are more songs in the movie that aren't included in the official sountrack, but that could just be 60's pop and rock greed talking ~_^

Here is a short list of the included songs:
"Stay With Me" by Duffy
"All Day and All of the Night" the Kinks
"Elenore" the Turtles
"Judy in Disguise" John Fred and His Playboy Band
"Dancing in the Street" Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
"Wouldn't it Be Nice" The Beach Boys
"Oo Baby Baby" Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
and soooo many more

I so enjoyed this movie. A teensy bit predictable, but the actors were so marvelously done I did NOT CARE!! Rhys Ifans was completely wasted as Luna Lovegood's father. I'm certain he would have been an excellent Sirius Black. Charming, just charming.

Bill Nighy never disappoints. I keep expecting him to, but he escapes my criticism in every frame, I love it!

My weekly "Date Night" with the pharmacist we're borrowing was as always nice. We have very interesting conversations. Week before last it was about how things are when the people you love are dabbling in recreational drugs, and this week it was about religion and what you seek and the differences between the Christian sects. He always makes me want to do my important reading I've been putting off, and meditations I tend to skip. Everyone should have someone like this in your life.

Coming soon, a Bucket List Blog!

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  1. Very nice post Lacey! Love the IT reference too. You know what's crazy though, we actually play all of those songs at work except for the first two.