Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Bucket List

"Standard Nerds!" --Denhym from the IT Crowd

Voila! A beginner bucket list. Those with WAY better ideas, feel free to post them ^_^

1. Drive a Ferrari
2. Write a book that isn't self-published ;)
3. Wear my wedding dress in exotic places
4. Have a personal shopper pick out awesome clothes for me
5. Meet Laurell K. Hamilton
6. Visit Robin McKinley and Peter Dickinson's house
7. Learn another language well enough to converse fluently in it
8. Live in a dream house for at least a year
9. Have a reliable pen pal for many years
10. See cancer prevention come to fruition
11. Kiss the most beautiful child in the world (mostly I'm too afraid to touch children, with all the immunities I've had to build up through different jobs)
12. See Micah cry in joy on our wedding day
13. See my brother happily married with children
14. Be a godmother


  1. Yay for you for posting this!
    Tomorrow I have every intention of doing what you said and writing a wine bucket list!

  2. Yes number 1 would be on my list if I were to make one.

    Also, The Liquor Guy sent me.