Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bringing Work Home, Pharmacy Style

"My doctor wrote me a prescription for a new drug, and she's starting me off at a HUNDRED AND FIFTY milligrams!! I just...I was looking at it, and it seemed like such a lot for a beginner prescription of Wellbutrin. Is 150 milligrams a lot for Wellbutrin?"

The answer is no. This is an extremely common prescription for Wellbutrin, in fact, I rarely get scripts of any other kind for Wellbutrin, which is useful for a royal gamut of conditions from depression to impulse-control like smoking cessation.

To those who do not receive many maintenence medicines and may be new to prescriptions, take this into account: one adult dose of Allegra (now an Over the Counter medication as of March) is 180 milligrams of fexofenadine. That's just allergy medicine.

I encourage any readers with this question to continue their research of the drug with medical journals and the advice of doctors and pharmacists, and to rest assured--you're normal, the prescription is normal, and it will probably really help you.

That's it for today's Bringing Work Home, where I answer questions I received more than once at work which aren't a terrible idea for me to try to answer. ^_^

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